How to Stage a Property During the Winter Market

Here in the Chicago area winter can be brutal, especially when it comes to buying and selling real estate. While this is considered the slow season for the market, it can be a crucial time for a home seller to sell quickly. According to an article from, “in the winter, there are fewer homes for sale. That competition over low inventory can make winter an ideal time to sell your home.”

So, even though the law of supply and demand may be in your favor, is your home properly prepared for sale? Here are five tips on how to prepare your home for sale by utilizing home staging:

Curb the Snow

With all the snow build up throughout the season, it’s important to stay on top of any snow forecasts. It’s important to make sure all driveways and walkways on the property are shoveled and de-iced so it’s easy for buyers to access the front door. Of course to create a welcoming entrance use a few potted plants with a variety of evergreens, spruces or winterberries to bring life to the property. Another way to highlight an entrance is to use a cheerful paint color on the door and a decorative winter wreath.

Corralling Winter at the Door

To refrain from having the outside elements dragged through the property, think about what the home buyer should do with their coats and shoes during showings. Have a few hooks or extra space in the front closet for those who want to take off their jackets while touring the property. Also, create a designated place for people to sit and remove their shoes in the entryway. A simple way to do this is to use a long bench with boot trays underneath or have them wear shoe cover booties while walking through the home.

Raise the Heat

No one likes hanging out in a cold house, so make sure you raise the temperature to 70 degrees or higher in the property to allow buyers to forget about the cold and focus on the home’s amazing features. The warmer temperatures could also keep buyers lingering in the home longer providing enough time for them to fall in love with the space.

Increase Light

Since winter days are shorter you’ll need to increase the light sources available on the property. Keep windows clean, drapes and shades open. Use light colored, but textured curtains, like off-white velvet. Also, make sure all the lights are turned on regardless of day or night so each room feels light, bright and airy.

Cozy Accessories

This season has everyone thinking of snuggling up indoors, so emotionally enhance relax mode. Turn on the fireplace, drape a throw or two and place some furry pillows on the sofa. Why not get inspired by the season using white on white accessories mixed in with seasonal branches to create the “wow-factor.”

Thinking about selling a home this winter? Contact us today to learn what services our award-winning home staging team can provide.

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