What are you selling anyway? This is prime real estate.

In kitchens, sellers are often confused when we tell them to take down objects that are over the cabinets. Usually they consist of  fake plants, bits of pottery, or collections – all of which are typically covered in layers of dust. Even when they are clean, exceptionally interesting or beautiful they distract from the prime real estate in the kitchen.

This is the kitchen. What are you selling?

When you sell your home, the goal is to showcase the features and benefits of the home. Consider what these usually are in the kitchen.

  • Upgraded counters
  • Appliances
  • Fixtures and finishes
  • Tile floors
  • High end cabinets

The value is almost always located at waist to eye level. This is where you want to direct potential buyers to look, not up.

home decorating ideas for the kitchen

Professional staging can help pull all the finish choices together and create a lifestyle impression that help buyers imagine what life would like to be in this house. Since kitchens are often cold, hard spaces when they are left empty, staging helps to create warmth and charm.

staging is about how you live in a space

Notice how in these photos your eye is drawn immediately to the granite counters with bursts of color. Island seating, a feature of this home is clearly demonstrated to potential buyers before they set foot in the home. It is also clear that there is a significant amount of counter space, a definite plus.

control the buyers eye with home staging

Imagine how this image would change if the tops of the cabinets were loaded up with plants and accessories. You would be paying more attention to the ceiling than the long lines of counter and island space.

home staging kitchens

Professional home staging can make your home feel like it belongs in a magazine. When it looks like the dream kitchen, buyers will naturally be more interested and are likely to be willing to pay more for it.

chicagoland home staging

Staging is about showcasing the features and benefits. Kitchens are one of the most financially valuable parts of the home and often one of the rooms that buyers place the most importance on. Creating a room that potential buyers are excited to imagine themselves living in will create actual value for your home.

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