Vacant Teen and Secondary Bedrooms. A staging opportunity.

Sometimes home staging budgets don’t allow for the secondary bedrooms of a home to be professionally staged. Really, that’s too bad as every space counts toward the value of a home. Large rooms can see vacuous. Small rooms may lead potential buyers to believe that their stuff won’t fit. Even perfectly sized rooms can feel cold and unwelcoming. A vacant vanilla box is pretty bland and doesn’t do anything to inspire buyers looking through photos online, or make it memorable when they are viewing the home in person.

Staging Teen and Secondary rooms in Chicagoland

While these may be some of the first rooms cut from the budget, imagine the impact NOT staging may have had on these Chicagoland homes.

home staging return on investment

Remove all the furnishings, artwork, and accessories from this space and what is left? Vanilla walls, eggshell carpeting and a few windows. Would this in any way inspire buyers, making them want to see the home?

investor home staging

Every home should show like a model home when it is for sale. The entire reason that builders spend money on the staging is because it works.

vacant home staging

When the room has particularly strong teen choices and the sellers are unwilling to change them, staging helps to create a luxury, designer feel, instead of leaving a cold barren room that may not appeal to buyers.

staging in naperville

Moms and Dads want to have a fun space for their children. Sometimes the child is even in tow during showings. Why not let every member of the family begin to feel that this is the perfect home for their new life?

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