5 Must-Do Summer Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

Summer is here, and of course can be a hectic few months — schools out, vacations are scheduled and many just want to enjoy the great outdoors, rather than maintaining a property for sale on the market. Despite busy schedules, now is the time to take advantage of the market before it shifts by hiring Chicagoland Home Staging to help prepare and showcase your property to stand out amongst competition.

In order to attract potential buyers to your home, you’ll need to embrace the season with a few of our go-to summer home staging tips that we often suggest to our clients.

Time to Upkeep the Yard

By pruning back overgrown landscaping, mowing the lawn regularly and planting colorful seasonal flowers you’re suggesting to home buyers that not only is the yard well-kept, but there is a good chance the inside of the property is also well-maintained.

The summer heats up here in DuPage County so water your landscaping and lawn daily to sustain their green, healthy look. This time of year spiders and other insects can cause havoc on your home’s exterior, so be sure their webs and nests are cleared from walkways, patios, and decks before a showing.

Create An Outdoor Seating Area

Speaking of the patio and/or deck, before a showing it’s important to highlight these outdoor entertaining spaces. According to a recent National Association of Home Builders’ report, 87-percent of buyers prefer a property with a backyard. Today’s buyers are looking for outdoor areas to expand their living space. Dress up each section of the yard with a different function to create the perfect balance between a place to play and eat — this will help visualize future backyard soirees with family and friends.

Spruce Up Seasonal Flair Inside

The office area featured below is the perfect example of adding seasonal flair to a room. Consider changing out accessories displayed on the walls and tabletop surfaces to reflect the season, in this case, summer.

Take note of the sailboat art and the globe to tie in the nautical theme. Some go-to themes are sailing, the beach, sea creatures, hiking, travel, desert or even topical or tribal prints depending on where you live.

Replace Textiles for a Lighter Feel

An easy tip to welcome summer into a room is by replacing heavy fabrics for lightweight ones. Change out throw pillows and blankets, curtains, rugs and even bedding. Mix in more neutral colors like we did in this bedroom pictured below. Also, consider using geometric or floral patterns and natural material textiles including cotton and linen. You may even decide to remove an object, like a rug, for the season to change the space.

Keeping It Cool

Check the air conditioning equipment on your property and turn it on to maintain a comfortable temperature while your home is on the market. Home buyers are known for lingering in the home longer when the home is cooled down during the summer months. Another tip here for showings on hot summer days, is to offer a cold refreshment — like a bottle of cold water. You can even make a pitcher of lemonade or ice tea to serve in clear disposable plastic cups.

Need help staging a home this summer? Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!

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