Agents: Want to Stand Out in a Hot Market?

As we reach mid-year of 2021 houses are still a hot commodity for today’s buyers to purchase. Between the low inventory of homes, crazy competitive offers, and properties going for way over their asking price—many agents are skipping staging and going straight to sold!

In a recent National Association of Realtors 2021 Profile Home Staging report, it found that more than half of real estate agents believe staging boosts how much buyers will offer, but that same share of agents don’t bother staging homes for sale.


If you’re a real estate agent in the Chicago area looking for a competitive advantage amongst the market hustle, we welcome you to team up with Chicagoland Home Staging. Here are three reasons why utilizing home staging will surely make your business stand out in this “HOT” housing market.

Becoming a Leader, Not a Follower

In the recent NAR report, thirty-one percent of sellers’ agents said they staged all sellers’ homes prior to listing them for sale. Imagine the feeling a buyer would experience inside the two images above. “What could be” verse “how you will live,” expedites an offer with the biggest return on investment for your sellers. Being proactive, going against the masses and showcasing the property staged will put an agent on top of the leaderboard because they’re portraying a lifestyle buyers want to aspire to.

Experts Have a Team and a Plan

While having a property sell is good, getting top dollar for the listing is even better! We recently had the opportunity to stage this home on Bainbridge in Naperville. The property originally hit the market in October of 2020 without staging. Like many, the home sellers felt they didn’t need to prepare the property for sale in a hot market, but the low-ball offers suggested otherwise.

In April of 2021, nearly 6-months later, Chicagoland Home Staging was hired to conduct a consultation and stage the property, which then went under contract within 5 days!

As an agent it’s important to show up to a listing presentation as the expert who knows the power of property presentation and can refer a team of vendors who can quickly prepare the home for sale and refrain from wasting the seller’s time.

Your Listings Are Your Brand

Check out the other transformation photos from this Naperville property. Which images would you want representing your real estate brand on the market…

  • The oddly shaped master bedroom with an outdated light fixture or the image featuring a plush bed to retreat to?
  • The beige-on-beige dated kitchen or the freshly painted white one?
  • The built-in island butted up against the wall or a spacious dinette?

The property’s you list become an extension of your brand and your reputation. While most agents are fine with being average, we want to help you strive for excellence. When you add home staging into your listing process, you not only sell the property quickly and for more money– making you look like a hero to your current client, but you will attract more leads and build a trustworthy brand making it a no-brainer to work with you verse your competition.

Contact us today to learn more about adding our home staging process into your real estate team.

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