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How to Stage An Entryway That’s Impressive

The first room a homebuyer will see inside a property is the entryway, so it must be staged to grab a buyer’s attention and impress them enough to continue touring the home. Some properties may have a grand entry, while others have limited space to define this particular function of the home. Regardless of your entryway room’s size you want to keep the decor simple to create a warm and welcoming space a buyer will fall in love with.

Functional Design

An entryway should be able to corral all the daily items of departure and arrival — this includes shoes, coats, bags. This space must provide efficient storage, seating and organization to get you and your family out the door quickly. Functional storage, like bench seating with basket cubbies can contain and hide away personal clutter, while still giving you a place to rest and take off your shoes upon entering the home. Utilize your closet space in this area, by placing hooks on the door to provide extra hidden storage. Here at Chicagoland Home Staging we strategically place console tables in an entryway to provide a beautiful surface for keys and mail.

Furniture Size Up

It’s important to choose the right furniture pieces to fit the entry’s overall dimensions. Our team starts by determining the room’s focal point. This is can be anything from the grand staircase or the mirror positioned just so — depending the room’s architectural features. We often choose furniture pieces that will make a statement and mimic the design style of the home. A console table and mirror can anchor the area, while an accent chair allows for someone to linger in comfort.

Illuminate the Entry

Lighting in this room is important to set the tone. Try using multiple light fixtures to provide task, accent and general illumination throughout the space. Most entries already have an overhead light source, consider adding wall sconces and a floor or table lamps to define the space. Strategically placing a mirror across from a window can bring in additional natural light to a dark space.

Rug Definition

Often times these high traffic areas will have low-maintenance flooring like ceramic tile, laminate or even vinyl and while these are all great options you may need to soften the space up with a rug. If you plan on using a rug in this space don’t use a small one. Rather take note of your entire entry area and use one big enough to define the space. This accessory can also help bring in color, pattern, texture and character into this space playing up the warm, welcoming feel.

Be Organic

Since this is the first room a buyer walks into after being outside, you’ll want to use a flower, plant or tree in this room as a transitional piece that makes a buyer feel more comfortable as they enter the home. Some plants can even provide a natural way of removing toxic agents from the air, neutralizing the space.

Tell a Story

Set the scene of this space by telling a story of the property or the neighborhood of where the house is located. Engage guests by creating an eye-catching display of arranged accessories to create a sense of calm. Whether it’s your passion for the city, traveling or a local artist a few key accessories arranged properly not only in this room, but around the house — will heighten a buyer’s interest and have them feeling more connected to the space to make an offer.


Need help staging your property? Contact us today, so we can help you stage an entryway with an unforgettable first impression.

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