How to Stage a Bookcase Like a Pro

While built-in bookcases, shelves and storage can be a highlight of a room, these surfaces can easily accumulate clutter overtime, leaving a homebuyer feeling overwhelmed when touring the property. Here at Chicagoland Home Staging, we don’t want the homebuyer caught up looking at what’s displayed on the shelves, rather we want them to feel comfortable inside a cohesive room that we strategically positioned to emphasize its space.

Arranging a bookcase is actually an art form, which focuses on five key components: balance, space, color, texture and height.

Take a look at the built-in bookcases and shelves around your property, do they appear cluttered? The main purpose of these surfaces is to display the lifestyle potential buyers could have, if they purchased this property.

A Naperville Home Chicagoland Home Staging Styled and Staged

To prepare your shelves for maximum visual impact consider these home staging tips:

Start by taking one room at a time and remove all items from the shelves.

Next, clean the surface thoroughly and make any repairs. For example, if the shelves need an update paint the bookcase to highlight this positive feature in the room.

Pack away paperback books, along with any book covers from hardbound spines to create a clean appearance on the shelf. Remember, you’re selling the built-in, not the items on display, so leave empty space on the shelves for the eye to rest.

Determine what’s going back on the shelf based on your rooms theme, the design style (so is it contemporary or traditional) and the lifestyle being promoted. Also, pay close attention to the season the property will be on the market and display items that mimic the season. Avoid placing anything smaller than a softball back on the shelves.

When working with more than one shelf in the same area look at the composition of the entire display case. Add a combination of books, decorative items and functional spaces. Place art and other decorative items together on the shelves to showcase a collection.

A Mudroom Chicagoland Home Staging Prepared in Hinsdale

Try experimenting with symmetry when placing items on the shelf. Create variety by playing with visual height, weight, and texture of items being used. We don’t want everything to look the same. Take this mudroom pictured above, the accessories are mismatched, but create one cohesive look because of the similar colors on display.

A few key accessories are all you need to tell a story. Need help staging your Naperville home? Contact us today! We’d be more than happy to assist you with your home staging needs.

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