The Power of Proper Home Staging in Real Estate Marketing

In the world of real estate, selling a home is a significant transaction that demands a carefully crafted marketing strategy to maximize its potential. Consider this: even a giant like Coca-Cola allocates over $4 billion to their marketing budget. When we reflect on this, it becomes evident that your home, too, deserves a well-thought-out marketing approach. After all, a well-marketed home not only sells faster but also commands a higher price.

When you consider selling a home the 3 Ps of marketing: product, price, and positioning are all affected by the way a property is staged. Combining these different marketing tactics to meet your potential home buyer’s needs and wants will expedite the home selling process. 

Think of Your Home as a Product.

When it comes to selling your home, think of it as a product. Just as companies showcase the features and benefits of their products to attract consumers, you should focus on what lifestyle your potential home buyer can experience. Take, for instance, a living room transformation: the “before” picture may depict a small, uninspiring space with worn floors, while the “after” shot radiates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The magic of staging lies in transforming your property into a lifestyle that appeals to your target buyers. By thoughtfully styling furnishings and accessories that cater to the buyer’s desires, you enhance the perceived value of your home.

Increase the Value to Justify the Price.

Even though, home stagers don’t set the price, (the Realtor does) they are often called upon to illustrate the value of a property and stage the space to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When determining a sales price, identify how much a home buyer is willing to pay for your home by looking at other home’s that recently sold. In many cases, the seller’s profit margin will also be considered when setting a price. We suggest working with a Realtor to get the best possible return on your investment, feel free to contact us if you’d like an agent referral.

Positioning is the Key to Marketing.

Chicagoland Home Staging Naperville Lighting Design

When a house is staged properly, it will appeal more to a home buyer, than a non-staged property creating faster results. According to The RESA’s Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging, that survey 13,000 staged homes, staged homes sell faster, averaging just 23 days on the market.

Our home staging team thrives on making sure each property is ready for its debut. Even the most desirable properties, locations, and price points can benefit from staging in order to create a higher demand and price point. This ultimately will make the real estate agent’s task of promoting, advertising, and selling the property much easier when highlighting the show-ready home for sale.

Do not underestimate the importance of your property’s presentation, it starts with a home staging consultation, that you can schedule with us here. It’s time to stage to provide the best first impression online, get more buyers at the front door, and more money at closing.

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