Naperville Home Staging Makeovers: Bedrooms!

When providing home staging quotes to some of our Naperville customers, some think that bedrooms are additional rooms that provide little value. Too often this is a space that ends up neglected or becomes one of the first places cut in the staging budget. While it isn’t always necessary to stage all of the rooms of a  home, sometimes, as you’ll see, a bedroom makeover can provide a significant perceived value change to buyers.

Naperville Home Staging Makeovers: Bedrooms!

What are you looking at? Sometimes the best feature of the bedroom isn’t really in the room, but rather just outside of it. In the case of incredible views, patios, porches, balconies, or any added feature that increases potential value to home buyers, that’s the first thing they should see.

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Too much furniture, dated furniture, or simply poorly placed furniture can create a significant impact in a room.

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And finally linens make a difference. Sure, it’s an added expense when you are selling and you may love your current linens but the truth is that you’ll probably earn a 100% or more return by getting really lovely ones and you’ll be able to take them to your next home.

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Sure. Bedrooms don’t always have to be staged, but they can add value when they are. Every room in the home needs to be a positive experience for a home buyer. Each time it is anything but positive, it’s a negative. If you aren’t impressing them, then you aren’t being memorable. If you aren’t memorable (in a good way) then you probably aren’t selling your home.

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