Mixing Patterns Helps Showcase a Naperville Home

To begin using patterned elements inside a room it’s important to start small. Rather than utilizing bold, graphic, eye-catching prints that can be a bit overwhelming in a property for sale, here at Chicagoland Home Staging we pair designs with similar colors to set the tone of the room.

When pulling inventory for a staging day, we choose patterns that reflect the design style of the property being staged. The design style should mimic the architectural style of the home to enhance a cohesive look. Most homes in the Naperville area have a traditional feel, but with a modern twist to attract today’s home buyers. To narrow down your pattern palette, ask yourself what are you looking to create a traditional, contemporary or a more country-inspired room? If there is more than one answer then mix two styles together — like we did in this living room pictured above.

This Naperville property on S. Julian Street had incredible detail, just look at the accent trimming on the mantel. We wanted to highlight the fireplace so we played up the accent trimming by replicating the pattern on the rug. We then paired those two club chairs in a modern intricate pattern that picked up the soft blue hue from the rug. We applied the same pattern adjacent from the chairs by placing two throw pillows on the couch creating a unified look in the room.

Choose your patterns based on:

  • Design Style
  • Color Palette
  • Pattern Scale

Once the design style is decided, choose one or two main colors that can be found in one bold print — which will be the dominant pattern in the room. The smaller prints will work around the larger-scale patterns based on color or pattern shape. Here are four ways to use pattern in a Naperville room that will attract your next home buyer:


Use printed and patterned bedding to add some personality to the focal point of the bedroom, which is the bed. It’s important not to over-coordinate the bedding – choose solid sheets and a bed skirt, or use a pattern on those items while keeping the comforter a solid color. You can also dress up the shams and throw pillows in various patterns.

The bedroom pictured above was recently staged by Chicagoland Home Staging. We choose a bold gray pattern for the bedding to highlight the gray accent wall and play off the stonework in the master bathroom.


A bold-colored patterned fabric on a curtain panel or shade can frame up that gorgeous view beyond property lines. Plan to use medium-scale patterns and prints in window treatments, but be careful to avoid cluttering the space with contrasting mid-size patterns, focus on texture, rather than a print pattern, on one item or the other.


Many home stagers will start planning their design based off a rug to pull a room together. Rugs come in varying prints, colors and styles to quickly add pattern without overwhelming a space. Using a big, bold print on the floor is forgiving when furniture breaks up the pattern.

This rug was our jumping off point to style this room focusing on color, pattern and textures. Many times, if a rug is not the starting point in a room — a large painting can provide the same inspiration.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a budget-friendly way to mix and match prints and colors to introduce pattern into a space. Mismatched pillows add detail to a couch or bed to make each piece look more unique. The picture above is the perfect example of how to create interest in a room with throw pillows. Notice how all the pillows are in the same color family matching the rug and other accessories around the room. But, the patterned pillows have smaller-scaled designs and add personality to the room by being mis-matched.

Here at Chicagoland Home Staging we know how to use patterns to highlight positive features of a room without overwhelming the space with patterns causing a cluttered look. Remember to mix patterns based on three different sizes of scale: small, medium and large. The more variety in your patterns, the more comfortable and welcoming the space will feel. If you’re looking to add personality in your vacant Naperville property feel free to contact us today for a quote and to learn more about our services.

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