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5 Must-Do Fall Home Staging Tips to Sell a Home

If you’re planning on selling your home this fall, you may be off to a slow start. Recent housing market reports suggest the slowdown in new construction and a short supply of existing homes for sale have pushed housing prices so high that would-be buyers are either finding themselves in bidding wars or sitting on the sidelines.

While this sounds great for a home seller’s bottom line, to get from offer to sold may not exactly fit your timeframe as a seller—and take longer than expected. That’s why now more than ever it’s important to stage a Naperville property to connect with a homebuyer on an emotional level, creating urgency and triggering the sale.

Chicagoland Home Staging can help prepare and showcase your property to stand out amongst the competition this fall. It takes work to prepare for winter’s slumber both outside and in to keep you safe and warm for the season. Time will run out as the days get shorter and cooler temperatures creep in, so focus on your home’s most important projects first.

Here are a few of our go-to fall home staging tips that we often suggest to our clients to get the maximum return on your investment, not to mention sold quickly.

Start at the Curb

Yard work will play a major role in welcoming buyers inside your property. During the fall season spruce up the front yard by raking the leaves, pull weeds, add a layer of mulch, and prune trees and shrubs to protect plants for the winter. Also, patch brown spots in the grass and add some seasonal flowers for a pop of color.

Light the Way

As the days get shorter, make sure to light up the walkway to the front door and have all the outside lights on. Set the mood inside by lighting the fireplace or candles in your home. (Just be careful when it’s lit, safety comes first!) As well as, turn on the lights inside to show off how spacious and bright the property is. Not only do well-lit rooms look larger, but they also look more inviting, creating that welcoming glow for buyers as they drive up.

Hibernate Comfortably

At Chicagoland Home Staging we know the fall chill will want homebuyers to feel cozy and comfortable inside your property. An interior space works well when it’s balanced on each side of the room. See this picture below, the colors flow together creating one cohesive look and there is a combination of shapes, patterns and rhythms (repetition) working in a harmonious way to tell a unified story. Every room should have a focal point emphasizing the function and purpose of the room.

The cozy factor…

Look for furry throw pillows and soft, nubby blankets. Anything that will encourage a buyer to feel relaxed and at home, ready to curl up in a comfy chair by the fire will help you get an offer faster.

Tis’ the Season

The holiday season is upon us. While Halloween & Thanksgiving are not religious holidays that could offend potential buyers, it’s still a time where many people decorate. So, just remember less is more. Whendecorating for the holidays take a cue from nature, rather than display ghosts, monsters or turkeys, try to use pumpkins, hay, fall flowers.

Embrace the Lifestyle

Buyers wanted to be wowed and know that the lifestyle they want to lead starts inside your property. A bigger kitchen suggests more healthy home cooked meals in or a family room let’s buyers envision where they can spend time with loved ones after a hard day at work. So, you want to tug on a buyer’s heartstrings by playing up the emotional connections in your home. Our team’s home stagers know the key elements to showcase to leverage the home’s architecture, décor, feel, smells and lifestyle the homebuyer is longing for.


Need help staging a home this fall? Contact us today! We’d be more than happy to assist you with your home staging needs.

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