Entice Buyers, Selling a Home During the Holiday Season

Most years now is the time the real estate market will slow-down but, if you find yourself contemplating whether or not to sell a home during the holiday season know there are some unique opportunities to take advantage of.

In 2020, we saw home sales and prices hit decade-plus highs following decade lows in the span of just a few months, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors. The report forecasts, “watch for trends to continue as the 2021 market begins to return to seasonality normalcy in the spring and summer.” This means it’s still a good time to sell this winter!

With fewer homes available on the market, our team at Chicagoland Home Staging wants to make sure we position your home properly on the market, by preparing it for sale to get a maximum return on your investment. Here are some home staging suggestions for keeping a home ready to show while celebrating the holiday season. 

Focus on the Positive

When decorating a home during this time of year, our team strategically selects accessories to pay attention to accentuating the positive highlights of the property. Look to draw attention to unique features like built-ins, fireplaces, two-story rooms, picture windows, staircases, and even landscaping.

For instance, tastefully hang white lights to trace the architectural style of your home’s exterior, illuminate walkways to welcome buyers, and light up the mature landscape to show off the home’s privacy. Inside, use a tall Christmas tree to create interest and utilize the square footage in a two-story room. Don’t forget to use some greeny on the mantel as well.

Keep Decor Neutral

Limit the holiday decor displayed to provide a simple and classy luxe look, versus feeling cluttered and overwhelming. This rule should be applied to both the exterior and the interior of the home. Opt for white, beige, green, or blue palettes rather than bright red or multi-colored decor. Also, refrain from showcasing any collectibles, nativity scenes, and other decor that is non-denominational. We want everyone who takes the time to visit the property to feel welcomed enough to make an offer on the property.

If they’re moving during the winter, they’re serious buyers who are in the market to buy a home and move quickly, so we always recommend our clients use that to their advantage when making their decor neutral, rather than keeping with tradition.  

Use a Natural Touch

When decorating for the holidays the third suggestion is to take a cue from nature. Instead of displaying religious decor, play with organic elements that embrace the winter season. Try sprucing up the property with seasonal wreaths, garland, or greenery, and of course, seasonal scents.

Crafting a lived-in yet cozy feeling that stems from using nature makes all the difference between selling a home this month or lingering on the market through the new year, likely selling at a reduced price.  

Our team at Chicagoland Home Staging is ready to stage your property for the holidays playing up the coziness of the property during these cold winter months, contact us today.

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