Chicagoland home staging tips: Changing light fixtures

When preparing your Chicagoland home for sale, one of our home staging professionals may recommend that you change out light fixtures. If the fixtures are brass, very old, in poor condition, or overly personal (yes, those do exist) swapping them out for more modern fixtures can transform a space. Often we’ll hear how expensive a particular fixture is, or that it has leaded glass or expensive crystals. The truth is that if it doesn’t appeal to today’s home buyers it will still be considered just one more thing on the honey-do list, and one more expense to update the home.

Transforming a home with light fixture updates

Trends change over time and so do home buyer desires. Updating, even with relatively inexpensive fixtures can help pull decades off the perceived age, and cost of maintenance, of a home. Consider a woman who has worn the same hair style since the 80s. If she has “mall bangs” and she’s in her 40s, it just doesn’t work anymore. It’s time for a new “do”.

home staging transformations

Take this dining room in Naperville. The home had great bones, including hardwood floors, large open windows, and built ins. Craftsman is a common style in this area but this small fixture doesn’t necessarily speak to today’s modern buyer.

dining room light fixtures


Swapping out the light fixture to a more modern one helped to create this style, which is appealing to most buyers today. Can you imagine the diminished impact of the home staging if it had not been done? The end result would have been completely different.

New light fixtures do not have to be expensive

In this next Naperville, IL dining room light fixture switch out, you’ll see that the original fixture was likely to be a fairly expensive, formal brass fixture. While this probably was added to make the space feel more formal, the curtains, colors, and other decoration in this space actually created a more casual environment.

home staging in naperville IL4

Nearly every part of this room was touched in the makeover, including switching the light fixture. You’ll notice that we didn’t replace this formal and expensive fixture with another expensive one. The money was better spent in other areas, including new floors, painting, and new curtains.

making over a chicago dining room

How to change a light fixture when selling your Chicagoland home

Now that you understand that changing out old fixtures for more modern ones, even if they are less expensive, can create dramatic changes of perception to home buyers, it’s important that you know the proper way to install them. Here is a great tutorial video by Home Depot to help you with that.

For more information on how to prepare your home for sale in today’s market, call Margaret and our team of home staging professionals today 815-530-3566.

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