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Naperville Home Staging Summer Project

naperville staging project living room

We recently finished this Naperville Home Staging project – downtown with only two blocks to the Riverwalk and Centernnial beach, 1 block to the park. This is a prime location in Naperville.  The lush perennials plantings and wrap around porch make this home a true “Honey, Stop The Car!” listing. The home’s position on the lot,…

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Accent Walls – Caution Ahead!

Modern Family Room by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Annette English Accent Walls There are lots of good reasons to have an accent wall. And as populare as they were in the 80s and 90s, they remain as stylish and useful today.  For example: If you love open plan living, but want to subtly…

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5 Home Staging Tips For Bookshelves

Interior Designers will take a full day to fill a bookcase and load it with layers of books, flat and upright, collections, clocks, ephemera of all sorts and then load art onto the front. The effect is impressive, if not a little overwhelming and a very bad idea when you go to sell you house…

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Staging a Chicagoland Home Office. It’s more than a desk and chair.

Today more people than ever work from home or need a space for their computer, files, and assorted electronic equipment. While tablets and laptops have taken over and desktops are less important, the space itself has become even more necessary. We still need a place for printers, routers, and a filing cabinet for taxes or…

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Home Staging in Naperville: Does this floor plan make sense?

Sometimes we see photos of rooms that from one angle makes sense, and then from another angle makes no sense. Flow and function are typically established with furniture layouts. If the furniture placement is poor, or even just a little bit “off” then buyers may be confused. Rather than deciding if the seller just has…

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Arlington Heights: Overcoming “This room is too small”

home staging success in arlington heights

Space, size, and scale are often very difficult for potential buyers to estimate when they are house hunting. This is one of the reasons that professional home staging, like the services we offer at Chicagoland Home Staging, is so important. This can be compounded when there are other issues lurking too. Let’s look at this…

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Vacant Teen and Secondary Bedrooms. A staging opportunity.

featured image

Sometimes home staging budgets don’t allow for the secondary bedrooms of a home to be professionally staged. Really, that’s too bad as every space counts toward the value of a home. Large rooms can see vacuous. Small rooms may lead potential buyers to believe that their stuff won’t fit. Even perfectly sized rooms can feel…

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What are you selling anyway? This is prime real estate.

In kitchens, sellers are often confused when we tell them to take down objects that are over the cabinets. Usually they consist of  fake plants, bits of pottery, or collections – all of which are typically covered in layers of dust. Even when they are clean, exceptionally interesting or beautiful they distract from the prime…

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