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5 Ways to Highlight a Family Room for Homebuyers

Chicagoland Home Staging Living Room Naperville

Many of the properties in outlying areas that we serve around Chicago– like Naperville, Glen Ellyn, and Wheaton are welcoming hot spots for new and growing families. A family home requires specific spaces and functions to highlight, particularly a family room where loved ones of all ages can gather together to play, entertain, and relax. When…

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Is It Really Worth Staging a Home in a “HOT” Market?

Despite the chill in the air, the real estate market continues to heat up in the Greater Chicago area, and in fact across the country. Residential sales and prices in our area saw big gains last month with the biggest spike in home sales since September 2013, according to data from trade group Illinois Realtors…

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The 3Ps of Marketing When Staging a Home

Fall 2020 Homebuyers Want Respite Homes Chicagoland Home Staging Family Room

Most homes sell faster and for more money when they are marketed properly. Every successful product has a marketing strategy behind its visibility, so why not your house, too?  It’s a way bigger transaction than let’s say buying a Coke and their marketing budget for 2019 was over $4 billion! When you consider selling a…

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Benefits Of Staging A Home & How Much Will You Gain?

Fall 2020: Homebuyers Look To Create A Respite Chicagoland Home Staging

Every home is unique and brings with it an individual price point, style, and potential buyer demographic. Our homes use design science to sell faster and for more money. We use techniques to purposefully lead people through a home walkthrough that brings out the craving to buy.

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5 Must-Do Fall Home Staging Tips to Sell a Home

If you’re planning on selling your home this fall, you’re in the perfect position to get over asking, that is if you stage first! According to a recent housing market report, Chicago home prices are on the rise due to a very tight supply from the coronavirus crisis and a recent rise in showings. More…

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“Elevate Comfort” at Home Behr Releases 2021 Color Trends

Behr, an exclusive paint line at Home Depot, recently announced its color trends palette for next year — hues ready to evoke emotion. From warm-toned neutrals to bright, cheerful hues, this palette was composed to “elevate comfort” into each room of your home. The paint company took note that people are spending more time at…

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Fall 2020 Homebuyers Look To Create A Respite

Fall 2020: Homebuyers Look To Create A Respite Chicagoland Home Staging

Especially in these stressful times, buyers are looking to create a soothing space for themselves. As fall 2020 approaches, homebuyers are looking to find their quiet place to “cocoon” this winter. Buyers are looking for properties they can visualize to fits their needs in response to health concerns and as working from home extends.

Here’s our insight into how we’ll create a mood of respite and relaxation within your property that brings out the imagination of the homebuyer this fall 2020.

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Vacant Home Staging For A Higher Sale

Vacant Home Staging For A Higher Sale Naperville

That’s why we always prefer our staged homes be set at a clean slate – completely vacant of all furniture. This gives us to canvas to design each room and maximize the selling point of each space.

We then sculpt areas in the room with significant focal points and buyer walking traffic, while minimizing less desirable attributes, and enhancing show-stopping features.

As a demonstration in the live market today, here are two before and afters of beautifully vacant staged rooms we crafted for maximized results. We’ll show you how these vacant homes went from listed to sold quickly when paired with our science of design staging.

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