3 Tips To Stage A Contemporary Home

Chicago Home Staging Tip

Don’t you want to own this kitchen? We did! The serene marble extended subway tiles, the glamorous crystal chandelier, the built-in breakfast bar, all that storage, just so inviting.  Yet not everyone is a fan of the gray floors. The look is chic and contemporary for most, a little cold perhaps for others? How can a Chicago stager help?

3 Tips To Stage A Contemporary Home

1. Warm things up. This notion of contemporary being cold is not a new objection. We used bread, wheat and pasta to evoke imaginings of family celebrations, and prairie homestead living where you might bake your own bread. We are after all in the Mid-West, the middle of the prairie states.

Staging a Contemporary Chicago Home


2. Add a Vibrant Accent Color.  There is no warmer element than the sun.  This makes bright, sunny yellow a good choice as the accent color in a temporary space.  It not only warms up the space, but also fits in with a color palette that’s been trending for a while. You will see gray and yellow all over Pinterest and home decorating magazines. It’s even a really popular combination for weddings at the moment.

Staging a Chicago Contemporary


3. Use Green.  The color and the style, which is evolving into look called “organic urban modern.”  Not all buyers are ready to embrace the full movement, but we can add elements to give a suggestion without straying too far from the mainstream. We use green plants, and a mix of organic textures in our decorative accessories.

organic elements give a room a modern twist


Contemporary homes used to mean hard edges and lots of glass and steel.  Now it means functional spaces without extra fuss and embellishment, and open plan, with lots of light and good flow. This particular staging was for an investor client of ours. At 5,000 sq. ft over 3 floors, there was a lot of space to illustrate. We had a lot of fun with the lower level. The unusual cow hide chairs added a stylish modern twist and have been great talking points at Open Houses.

home staging tip for contemporary home


Please feel free to share things you’ve found successful in staging contemporaries.

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