LR DR Before and Afters home staging photos

This Naperville home staging project was a house we knew well. We had staged it when the owner still lived there, and once they moved out, we came back in with our own furniture and accessories. It is a large house, located in a part of downtown Naperville where the lots tend to be smaller.  The previous owners had traditional tastes and loved to contrast architectural elements like, stained glass panels.  As beautiful as those are, we felt the home would appeal to more buyers if we went with a contemporary, neutral color scheme and sought to accentuate the roaming spaces and beautiful light.

Before and After Staging in Naperville, IL

They also liked dark-colored paint, like the navy accent wall in the Family Room. A navy accent wall is a bold choice, considered a Ralph Lauren touch, and certainly makes the stone hearth come alive.  But it also closes in the room, certainly making it feel cozier, but that is not today’s taste. Today, the trend is for open, lofty spaces with light and air in abundance. Ceilings need to soar, vistas need to extend from room to room. Neutral palettes create soft, soothing spaces as an antidote to the stress, pressure and busy-ness of life in 2015.

Kitchen Before and After Staging Collage

Here, in the main kitchen upstairs and the bar and snack area downstairs next to the theater room, we added calming accessories filled with invitation to cook and bake, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Master Bedroom Before and After Staging Collage

Master Bedroom became an elegant oasis, with dark wood furniture to balance the fireplace at the other end of this sizable room.

Our team has “smoothly flowing, elegantly styled rooms” down to a natural rhythm.  This was one of my favorite living rooms. The French Doors at one end and the columns at the other added such grace.

Here are more shots of this fun Naperville home staging project. When a house has great bones, it is such a privilege to be able to dress them.

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