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How to organize your shower when selling your home

Bathrooms, particularly the master bathroom, are one of the most important rooms to potential home buyers. Because this is the most private space of the home, one where they will disrobe to take care of intimate and personal business, it must be clean and well organized.

The importance of an organized bathroom when selling your home

Parents will imagine bathing their children in the secondary baths, while pampering themselves with a glass of wine and bubbles in the master tub. Many potential buyers will also quickly decide if their morning routine will be improved or hampered in this bathroom. What is the lighting like? How large is the shower?

Virtually every shopper will open the shower door and look inside

Whether your shower has a curtain, or glass doors, you can guarantee that potential buyers will take a good look and decide if they, their children, or their guests, will be comfortable getting naked in this space. This means that bathrooms need to be white glove clean. They also need to be well organized. Shampoo and body wash bottles, sloppy bars of soap, and shaving supplies need to be kept to a minimum. Where they are placed can also make a huge difference in the impression of how functional your shower is.

A well organized shower caddy, holding everything in one place, at arms reach, help comfort potential buyers that this is a functional space. Bottles on the floor, or hanging off of the shower head, remind potential buyers that the space is awkward and may lack some storage for necessary daily supplies.

The pocket shower caddy curtain is a great use of vertical space, especially if you have young children. Just because your home is for sale doesn’t mean that you don’t still need superheros and rubber ducks in the bath. With this specialized and pocketed curtain, you can add in the out of sight storage that can help keep the space well organized and under control.


Keeping organized when selling your home

One of the most important lessons homeowners can learn is that organization when selling your home is one of the keys to getting great offers. A home that appears well organized, including closets, bathrooms, drawers, and cupboards, will appear well cared for. A well cared for home is appealing to buyers and will likely sell for more money.

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