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Chicagoland Vacant Home Staging – Before and After Pictures

Naperville Home Staging Summer Project

naperville staging project living room

We recently finished this Naperville Home Staging project – downtown with only two blocks to the Riverwalk and Centernnial beach, 1 block to the park. This is a prime location in Naperville.  The lush perennials plantings and wrap around porch make this home a true “Honey, Stop The Car!” listing. The home’s position on the lot,…

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Designer Lighting Impacts Renovation With Great Reward!

For years, we have been assuring home owners that a key upgrade when competing with new construction is designer lighting.  Once you have recessed “pots” (they’re called by the pros) you have a hidden advantage: the overall ability to see what’s in each room is greatly enhanced. Plus,it is one of the many big differentiators of…

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Downers Grove Home With “Scenic View of Airstrip”

Home staged in Downers Grove

You see RVs in peoples’ driveway.  Boats, too. Why not a private plane? Especially when you live on a private airstrip, your plane is your car?  We could have taken the airplane motif and played it out with airplane accessories and art, but as they say in the Midwest, that would be like “Clown Pants”. Instead, we focused on…

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Home Staging Before And After Photos From West Chicago

When I need design inspiration I go to Home Staging Before And After Photos. I love seeing the magic my fellow staging professionals can create. And so, in that spirit, I’m going to share a recent project in West Chicago. We wanted to bring out the brick fireplace and yet suggest Spring. The blue teal accents…

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Portage Park Vacant Staging Comes Alive

vacant Staging in Chicago

  Sometimes when we walk into a space, it’s hard to imagine what it is going to turn into.  Fortunately, we know these developers well and love the way they can add detail and possibilities to a house. This vacant staging in the Chicago neighborhood of Portage Park is a beautiful gut rehab.  Once all the…

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St. Charles Staging Pulls Together Eclectic Decor

tips from a seasoned stager

You can tell this going to be a cheerful house. The exterior is reminiscent of Storybook style, or as it’s often known Hollywood Whimsy, where the curved, steep gables evoke a Hansel and Gretel feel. Usually these houses are mostly Tudor but with a couple of idiosyncratic, fun other elements. When we were invited to stage the…

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Naperville Home Staging Gig Goes Younger and Brighter

Naperville Home Staging

This Naperville home staging project was a house we knew well. We had staged it when the owner still lived there, and once they moved out, we came back in with our own furniture and accessories. It is a large house, located in a part of downtown Naperville where the lots tend to be smaller.  The…

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Home Staging Ideas Dining Room Locations

Game Table in living room

When you have an open plan first floor, where do you locate the dining room?  Part of the kitchen or on the carpet as part of the formal living room? We recently encountered this conundrum when we staged this charming home in Oswego, IL. Interestingly it has no formal dining room as it is an…

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3 Tips To Stage A Contemporary Home

Staging a Chicago Contemporary

Don’t you want to own this kitchen? We did! The serene marble extended subway tiles, the glamorous crystal chandelier, the built-in breakfast bar, all that storage, just so inviting.  Yet not everyone is a fan of the gray floors. The look is chic and contemporary for most, a little cold perhaps for others? How can…

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