When it comes time to sell a property, our team at Chicagoland home staging provides its best chance to appeal to potential home buyers. We recommend using our services before placing a home on the market “as-is.”

It’s our job to create a positive impression on buyers and our team always suggests doing these 5 tasks to help stand out amongst the competition to appeal to buyers.

Start at the curb

There is only one chance to make a great first impression and that starts outside. Often times a buyer will pass by the property to determine if it’s worthy to tour. If the exterior is lackluster, it may affect how they perceive the property’s interior.  Desirable curb appeal requires the seller to maintain the landscaping, pressure-wash the property and fix any repairs. Don’t forget to add a few personal touches like a welcome mat, potted plants, and new fixtures if needed.

Clean, organized spaces

The first step to preparing a home’s interior for sale is to declutter and give it a deep cleaning. For a staged home, we want to depersonalize the space, neutralize the décor, and create empty space on shelves and surfaces for the buyer’s eyes to rest. Clean the property from the ceiling to the floor, even in hard-to-reach places or consider hiring a professional service to get it as spotless as possible.

Light and bright

Most home buyers want a bright, open space to call home. A seller can utilize natural light by trimming back trees and shrubs, choosing window treatments that don’t block the light and removing objects blocking the windows. Once the natural light is maxed out, consider placing artificial lighting throughout the home to fill in dark corners and decorate with light, neutral colors.

Create a welcoming home

A cold, unwelcoming home won’t impress buyers, who purchase based on the way the property “feels.” To create that welcoming home, utilize neutral décor and add those finishing touches that make the property memorable like a coffee station, reading nook or spa-like bath.

Clear function and purpose

Rooms that showcase multiple purposes can confuse a buyer and hinder a sale. That’s why our team designs a space to make sure every room in the home has one clear purpose. For instance, a master bedroom should showcase a place that mimics a calm retreat, rather than a laundry area, or a place where kids sleep.

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