Here at Chicagoland Home Staging, our responsibility is to create a luxurious space that will fit the lifestyle for the home buyer, while still being budget-friendly for our clients, the home seller. There is a delicate balance to showcasing a luxe look for less, here are five ways to add some luxury to your everyday life.

Well Lit Room

Your home should supply a combination of lighting to fit your needs. From task lighting to mood lighting use a mixture of hi-hats, chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces and under mounted lighting to set the scene. Start with the overhead lighting in your home. Are they outdated? Is the light too harsh? Consider changing out lighting fixtures with modern, sculptural pieces that embrace your decor. Dimmers are the key to mood lighting, so place overhead lighting on a dimmer switch to enhance the ambiance.

Next, add lamps to the room, either on your side tables or the floor. We chose two matching bronze table lamps to set on top of our wood side tables and instill the symmetric look of this living room pictured above. Consider adding wall sconces and lights over your artwork if the budget allows to mimic the luxe look 5-star hotels showcase.

Dress Up Your Walls

Notice in the image above the crown molding and built-in shelving units highlighting the room’s positive features which includes: it’s height, uniquely shaped windows and fireplace. Create a stately look by adding trim to your walls, or consider installing wainscoting to add depth, texture, and interest to an otherwise plain, flat, boring wall.

Color Scheme

When trying to attract that luxurious feel, choose colors that are soothing and subtle. In the photo above, we played around with charcoals, grays, beiges and a pop of green (by adding plants.) We used darker accessories to ground the room and create contrast with the color palette we had to work with.

Mix n’ Match Materials

To create a luxurious look layer a mix of materials and textures to give your space that custom-designed feel. Mix metals, glass, wood and a variety of textiles can create a dynamic, inviting, lived-in space. Just look at the built-ins in the image above, each piece was carefully selected to provide a cohesive feel for the room to come together naturally.

Textile Touches

Speaking of textiles, choose fabrics and rugs that will match your decor style in the rest of the room. Consider silks, damasks, and linen as your fabric choices to obtain the luxe look. Play with patterns too– in your throw pillows and rug choices. Don’t forget to add a textural throw over a sofa or chair to suggest that cozy factor.

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